Last year, Alex and Abigail went to the Under the Radar Festival at the Public Theatre in NYC as presenters in the Speed Dating event. At the Festival, we vowed that Luna would perform in New York City by the end of 2013. Not only did Luna perform in New York City three times by the end of 2013, we also performed in 18 other cities in the USA, UK and Republic of Ireland! So to say that we think of UTR as a “lucky charm” would be an understatement.
So this year, Alex, Abigail and Elizabeth went to the Festival, and it was Elizabeth’s first time in New York City! Read her first impressions of the city below and see how her NYC adventure began.
Arrive at the gate. Rush towards a vague exit sign that leads me past a Hudson news stand towards clouds of condensated exhaust from cars. Now to get to cab that will take me to Harlem. How far that is from LaGuardia? No clue – but first I need to google map myself to where my cab is.
Found it. Success
Sweating in too many layers. It’s a balmy 23 degrees – I just came from -30 degrees in Chicago; the window goes down and the driver  gives me this “are you insane it’s freezing close the window” look at the same time I get a text from Alex about going to an opening night party for Under the Radar. My limited google researched knowledge on the festival is trying to form a semblance of what to expect. Empty. However, vanity tells me it’s a good thing I was dressed up for first day in NYC.
Arrive at David’s. Rush up an unknown stoop hoping to be at the correct house. Buzzed In. Success. Step into a better-than-Ikea-catalog  apartment, drop off my luggage, retrieve purse, greet Alex and meet David for the first time – then run down the stairs to take the Uber car to the Public Theater.
 Negotiating through the hub of people at The Public lobby. A moving spiral of Shakespeare’s quotes -“the healing benediction” catches my *camera snap* – that’s exactly what I need now. Alex is greeting old friends and new ones with ease and introduces me – in response awkward words spew out of my mouth and are sealed with a smile. Conversations of people, places, and things are new vocabulary that are unknown to me. “Póngase las pillas, y ponte lista” is the mini chant of the night as I’m trying to feel out the beat of this city.
         Wake up         Roll over       Feel around the bed for phone       Time check       10:48
 Rush to get ready to go….           to go….
Everywhere? somewhere?
First day with an agenda that is stock full of places I don’t know of.
Is the symptom of NYC rushing to a place without direction?
Resolve to breathe in… Drink coffee…breathe out… Enjoy the company I’m in
now marvel Simply marvel at the excitement one feels in a new city
Ok done breathing in the newness
Swipe metrocard GO!
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