Interview of Ioana Paun by Liza Ann Acosta
:: Monday November 11, 2013 Ioana’s residency will come to a close with the presentation of the research and work she has completed in Chicago at 7:30 PM at the National Museum of Mexican Fine Art. The Event is Free and open to the Public. Get to know her a bit more before you attend this exciting event! ::

1) When did you become interested in theater/performance?

My father told me when I was in highschool : “Directors get to run the switchboard for everything you see happening in a film” so I knew that I want to be that person, making my imagination visible, audible, tangible. I did not like theatre and still find it hard to watch it. It is somehow schizoid to be live but at the same time not be live. So I moved into a form of expression that is somehow between reality and fiction. In my last performance – Indignation Index – I created the context and the situations for the audience to rebel against Romanian defense apparatus. It happened in an actual village, the audience was drove in buses to the location, and we invited them to act as peasants that have their land confiscated by the government. I want to develop further tools that move the audience into actually having to behave. I run from theatre-theatre and prefer to play with the reality.

2) What advice would you give to other emerging artists?

Be brave. Don’t lie.

3) What should audiences expect from the Economy of Desperation?

To feel a subtle discomfort.

If you are interested in attending the one-night only special event, Economy of Desperation, please join us at the National Museum of Mexican Art Monday November 11 at 7:30 PM. Event is free and open to the public.

For more information about IOANA or this CEC ARTS LINK program, please click here.
For the full details on the Economy of Desperation event, please click here.
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