By Abigail Vega

I hate to admit it, but Dallas has so far proved to be disappointing. We were really excited to be back here after the TCG conference two weeks ago, but maybe we were hoping for too much. Our first performance at Teatro Dallas had six people in attendance. SIX. We had packed houses in Edinburg, San Benito, and Austin, and we assumed that Dallas, the land of billionaires and a lot of press, would garner us the same in a 50 seat house. We actually considered cancelling the show, but two of the audience members had driven over forty miles to come see us, so we did the show anyway. I’m glad we did, the show keeps getting stronger and Teatro Dallas is a nice little space, so it was good to do the show there. They were a very enthusiastic audience though, which was awesome. We have another show tomorrow afternoon in conjunction with Cara Mia Theatre Company, and then a third show at Teatro Dallas tomorrow night.

We knew this was bound to happen, we can’t have a full house every night, but it’s hard the first time it comes around. It’s just really frustrating because we had A LOT of press for the shows in Dallas, and tonight, the numbers did not reflect that. I feel like I’m responsible for this, press in Texas was my primarily responsibility and I guess I let the press we did get, especially in compared to the lack of press in Austin and the full house we got there, go to my head.

We’re going to go get tacos now. Maybe that will help us feel better.

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