By Abigail Vega

So things got better. Sort of.

We had a good time working with the fine folks of Cara Mia Theatre Co (if you’re in Dallas, check them out: and had a good last show at Teatro Dallas. Still not quite the houses we were expecting (naively so, maybe), but still much larger than the first night and very enthusiastic. The talkback tonight after the show at TD was especially lively. My favorite interaction happened in the form of one man not knowing when to stop:

Man in Audience: I think it’s really great that you guys are not Hollywood beauties. So refreshing. You’re just like us, just normal people.

Amanda: Well, thanks! That’s the point.

Man in Audience: Yeah, not beautiful. Just normal Latina women.

Abigail: Okay…

Man in Audience: I mean, YOU’RE NOT GORGEOUS! Like you’re totally normal women. Not beautiful women, just girls next door types.

Maya:  Do you have a question, sir?

Man in Audience: I’m just saying, you are some normal ladies. Just AVERAGE GIRLS. Nothing stunningly beautiful. Just average! Wow…

Alex: Let’s move on. Ma’am, do you have a question?

But overall, it was a good time. I guess we’re finding that there really is no way to predict what will happen on the road, from audience sizes to relationships with our producing partners to questions in the talkbacks. But one thing we know for sure: people like the show. They really love it. And they’re letting us know in some pretty amazing ways. 😉

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