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Generation Sex World Premiere at The Los Angeles Theatre Center

During the year we are simultaneously touring to Colleges, Universities, Cultural Centers, Theaters and Venues across the country while also performing our workshop and mainstage work in Chicago and Los Angeles. We try to list all performances that are in Chicago and beyond, but often, tickets are sold not through our own box office. Please just note that there might be more performances going on in your area than those listed below.



Generation Sex, World Premiere April 17  – May 17, 2015

The Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street 90013, CA $6 to park in open lot next door

In GENERATION SEX, America’s All-Latina Theatre Company bares all without blushing as we explore how technology has transformed our interactions with sex and love. This flirtatious and provocative performance boasts a tongue in cheek examination of Facebook solidarity, true love’s first text, sex positive Twitter rantings and sensual acts of rebellion in only 70 minutes. Our trademark wit and humor will satisfy your deepest desires and most playful yearnings–and just to make sure—we’ve laced this performance with intoxicating drinking games, interactive moments of play, satirical musical numbers, and temptingly honest stories told through dance, comedy, shadow-play, original video and music.

Lightheartedly sharp, Generation Sex brings to the surface all of your innermost bedroom politics through erotic soundbytes and shocking firsthand reveals from both the performers and the 30+ writers and creators on the project. Sure to make you clutch your invisible pearls in ecstasy, this evening with Luna will trouble highbrow notions of love, sex, womanhood and feminism in the digital age, so check in @TeatroLuna to holla at us before, during, and after the show proudly claiming #wearegenerationsex.

This is Teatro Luna’s eleventh original production and is presented in English with a sprinkle of Spanish.

Recommended for ages 16+

Generation Sex development began in March 2013 with a performance workshop at Instituto Cervantes Chicago, continued with story-collecting workshops in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Berkeley, Seattle, and a five performance workshop at the Chicago Fringe Festival. In June 2014 we did a three week full-workshop production at Instituto Cervantes (31 W. Ohio St) in Chicago.

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