By Maya Malan-Gonzalez

Break-ups are complicated things; ever talk to a couple and they each say the other one ended it? Then, when the question of getting back together comes into the picture, sheesh, things become even more complicated; is it really possible or is one just dreaming?

In YOUR PROBLEM WITH MEN, the situation is very familiar. Juan and Asun break up. She calls him multiple times leaving messages, he doesn’t respond. Just as she’s getting over him, they run into each other. After a short conversation of niceties Asun is ready to say goodbye…

ASUN: Alright! Bye now.

(Juan leaves, suddenly he turn around, he has something to say)

JUAN: Asun…

ASUN: Yes?

JUAN: Well, I wanted to say thank you for not leaving me any more messages. Thanks. It helps a lot.

Different voices enter the rehearsal conversation on how one would feel in either situation. On the one hand, it seems as though Juan is revealing that he is still in love with Asun and that her no longer calling him is helping him to get over her. If you were Asun how would you feel about this?  As though there is still hope? Or would you take this statement as a final goodbye from Juan? Is Juan an asshole for getting the last word in?

Opinions vary from cast member to cast member. It’s nice to have Miguel weigh in, his opinion is perhaps a little different than Abigail’s, for instance, because she’s been dealing with the character of Asun since January, where as he’s only had the script for a little over two months.

I’m not sure if there is a right answer, and I’m in the show. For those of you who saw the Chicago production, what did you think? Is Juan an asshole who says an insensitive thing? Or is he in the right?

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