By Rocio Alvarez

Someone once told me that I was too caught up in my own little world and that I made up a plethora of non-existent scenarios in my head. No, I am not crazy and I think all of us at some point (or always) make up those what if scenarios in our head. But I think this stems from my childhood days when my imagination ran wild (still does) and the only way to capture all those scenarios and images in my head was to write short stories, lyrics or poems. As a young woman now, I find that my writing is a reflection of my life experiences and most intimate desires (not necessarily sexual). So I write because it’s the only way that I release, capture and tame that monster that lives inside me. We all have those monsters that live in our closet.

I believe that writing about our experiences is a very intimate process that takes us on a journey of self-reflection and healing. I’ve found myself during our development sessions of GENERATION SEX sharing my personal experiences that relate to some of the themes of GENERATION SEX such as the influence of technology in our personal lives and relationships, finding love, being in love, desire…etc. I’ve shared moments of my life that I would have probably never imagined to tell anybody because I thought it’d be embarrassing or it’s just something you don’t say and keep to yourself. I’d almost stop myself and think “You can’t say that…” but why not? I am not perfect. I am a young woman on a journey with experiences and stories to share. After writing, then sharing my thoughts, that doubt of “You can’t say that… “ is gone. I know feel empowered by my words and I know that there is someone in the same room nodding their head thinking “I’ve felt that way too…” or “Something like that happened to me too.” At one of our development sessions one of the girls articulated (and I probably won’t say as well as she did) that “our shows are healing.” I interpreted this as someone in the audience will see their stories on stage and they will feel empowered and never alone.

As the show continues to develop and rehearsals run , I know there is one thing to keep in mind: these stories are real and it is our job to share that with the audience in the most kick-ass way possible. I am excited to contribute to this project’s development and I hope that some of my stories get intertwined through the process. Because I know there is someone out there waiting to see their story on stage too and say “girl that happened to me too!”

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