Intern’s Corner Blog #1
By Ariana Altiery 

Klank! I swear I slammed the door on accident. The ensemble was still rehearsing when I got there and clumsily slammed the back door which of course was just behind the stage. The ladies of TL were unmoved. They were focused and energetic performing what you would think was opening night for an empty theatre. I get out to the front and am given a t-shirt to change into. I lock myself in the small box office and quickly switch shirts, nervously watching the door hoping the the lock works. A rough knock startled me while half naked. I quickly pulled down the black and pink tee and headed out to the lobby. I was there to see Crossed for the first time. Walking in the doors of Luna Central you are greeted by a vibrant teal wall, hot pink and sweet people, of course. Once you have checked in you are handed a program and walked into the theatre by a lovely intern. When you are waiting for the show to begin you see couples laughing with drinks in hand and a group of pretty ladies, a girls night out for sure.The lights dim and in walk five women, no two looking alike. The show takes you to the island, to the border, to the airport, to the apartment, and the porch. You visit real places, real stories, real emotions. I laughed, I teared up and most shocking to me, I had to check my own attitude toward other Latin women. That’s the thing about this show, it makes you think, it brings a conviction. I’m Latina and would say that I have nothing but the best feeling towards my warm blooded sisters, I found that isn’t totally the case. I too have made assumptions. In my favorite scene, all the women are sharing an experience of when they felt offended by someone. One woman is angry with a child who told her she looked, so tanned. She went on about her anger toward the kid, every moment getting more upset at his apparent prejudice. She realizes  later in the mirror that instead of foundation that morning, she covered her face in bronzer and had felt attacked by the kid for no reason, she did look, so tanned. Sometimes I am quick to blame prejudice rather than look in the mirror. This is just one example of a real feeling Crossed caused me to feel.  Ever catch yourself jealous of a skin tone, an accent, a lineage? It happens. And this show takes you deep down inside yourself to face that truth and gets you back to reality with a few expletives and must cover your mouth humor. You leave feeling like you know the women portrayed, like you grew up with them, hell, like you dated them. Funny enough, you did.

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