By Abigail Vega

No seriously, I am. Alex and I were sitting outside of the DART station (Dallas Area Regional Transportation, I assuming?) waiting for the Megabus for what felt like at least six months. They funneled us all outside WAAAAAY before the bus was there, there was no shade, and Alex’s bag was over the 50 pound weight limit, which had the Megabus employees all in a tizzy because (their words, not mine), “We have women who work here and they need to lift the bags.” To make matters worse, I dug out some dolla dolla bills to go to the vending machines inside the station, but they were SOLD OUT OF WATER. Sold out. In Texas. In June.

Undoubtably, the Megabus was cheaper than any of our other options. We’re ladies on a budget, after all, and since this tour is completely self-produced, we’re pinching every penny. But once we finally got on the bus, overweight luggage and all, Alex told me she would pay $5,000 for a glass of lemonade. She also asked if she could order water from the restaurant on the bus, so I’m going to assume everything else she said for the next four and half hours was a reaction to a dehydration – based hallucination.

The TCG conference was amazing, and almost made up for sitting outside in the DART desert for three and a half years. When people, both from inside the Latino Theatre Movement and outside, heard about this crazy tour we’re embarking on, we were met with support, encouragement, contacts, more gigs, housing offers, and strangely enough, admiration. I’m beginning to own how brave of a decision this was  – I quit my day job, moved out of my apartment, left my friends and my boyfriend and my home – for a tour I have to help planning. It’s like what those old-timey generals would do – once they got to their intended battle location, they burned their boats. They were either going to win or die trying. There was no going back.

But more than that, it’s a huge, bold, overwhelming and potentially amazing decision for Luna. In the next three months, we will make more contacts, friends and allies than we could in three years. We are performing at such a huge variety of spaces and for a huge variety of audiences in a huge variety of temperatures (don’t EVEN get me started on Phoenix in July). And on a personal level, all of us on the tour are going to have such a huge variety of experiences. Aside from doing all these shows and workshops, I want to see the Southwest and all it has to offer. Last summer, I had a day job. I worked a few days a week at Luna, hung out with my friends, got to know Steven better, and went to festivals. It was fun, and such a great first “Chicago summer” but this summer, like the Little Mermaid, I want more.

So despite my great thirst, our heavy bags and the two centuries of waiting for a bus we began to question even existed, I’m ready for this tour. I just have to find Alex some lemonade.

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