By Liza Ann/Analisa

What an amazing show, everyone! I am not saying this because I am biased (but even if I am), I laughed all my butts off! It was raunchy, it was raw, it was saucy, and a little scatological, but what intelligence in all its cleverly humorous observations. There were so many highlights for me: Melissa Duprey had me thinking about all my unshaven places, Antonia Arcely invisible pants, Diana Campos’ partner’s infinite patience, Cristina Igaraividez (TL company member) and Pablo Rodriguez cell phone personalities rocked. And of course, Gwen La Roka was ON. Her confidence and energy had us all engaged. She connected with the audience and managed to bring up a little bit of everyone into her monologue. Our quirky Gwen told us about chancletazos and misbehaving children, and the ways she envied larger boobs, not only for free drinks but the way we, of the larger persuasion, can use our chest as a purse. I have to say,  I have surprised a few when I pull out change or little notebooks from my bra. I know another Lunatica who regularly keeps her cell phone stashed in there as well. It is just so damn convenient! But back to Gwen and all the performers on that Marimachas stage–my nerdy self enjoyed the queerness of it all, the subtle subversive ways we speak about our bodies in order to take charge, to own it. It was a delight to see. Anyway, I I enjoyed myself immensely and everyone else there at Calles y Sueños was having a wonderful time. Thank you to all who came and to those who missed it this time, make sure to keep your eyes open for the next one.

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