By Maya Malan-Gonzalez

We’ve been settling into life nicely at our new flat. I love my (own!) little room with a view of Arthur’s Seat.

Tonight we have our fifth show at the Fringe; the number four has been cursing us a bit, although we ladies are pushing through and doing what we do best! Here’s hoping @edfringe can show us a little love for the weekend.

So far I’ve made it to four shows

1) La Belle et la Bete at the International Festival – absolutely beautiful, I felt as though I was dreaming.

2) Sleeping Trees Odyssey – these men are brilliant and hilarious. Such a spectacle with no props, sets, or costumes; just talented men creating fresh moments.

3) Broadway Enchente – a thrilling performance by an incredible singer and the male musicians who accompanied.

4) Abigail, Miguel and I went to see The Smooth Faced Gent’s, Titus Andronicus. These women are doing some innovative things with Shakespeare, really great work.

At this point, these are my top three memories of the tour:

Having a post show beer with the folk from Company of Angels.

Performing at El Centro Milagro (my home!)

Seeing the University of Texas Pan American’s production of Pachanga

TGIF, you guys. The show must go on.

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