By Alexandra Meda

And so, we survived!

(You can witness our survival by watching the archived livestream of our performance in the Bill Boyd at Emerson College here).

As we were preparing to leave Chicago over the weekend for our first performance at Emerson College, I was growing increasingly nervous. And I don’t really do nervous anymore. Teatro Luna has taught me that feeling nervous is pointless. A waste of energy, and when you work at a shoestring budget theatre company, you can’t afford to waste any energy, especially on tour.

In case you hear the word tour and think this is a glamorous thing, let me set the record straight. P.S. I LOVE the fringe-y way we travel, and am not complaining, but I have just recently encountered a lot of people who imagine something super fancy when we say we just came back from a 3 month tour. I have to quickly correct the image and explain that means sleeping 2 to a bed (and sometimes on the couch) in a generous strangers home!

Monday October 28th Itinerary (for those of you who are at all curious about what a day on tour looks like for Luna)

  • 2 of us arrive at Midway at 6:30 AM – the other 2 at O’hare at 6:45 am
  • We all arrive to Boston by 11:45 (AEV & ABM’s flight is delayed by 35 minutes)
  • Check in at Hotel 12:30 pm
  • 1pm Walk to GOURMET DUMPLING HOUSE and stuff our faces!
  • 2:30 pm Change clothes at hotel and pack stuff to take to campus
  • 3:30 pm arrive at the GREENE THEATRE for our open panel dialogue for Julie Hennrikus’ Arts Administration class and invited guests
  • 4:00 PM Panel begins
  • 5:45 Panel ends
  • 6:00 PM head over to tech at the Bill Bordy
  • 6:30 PM Vijay meets us and gets set up for Livestream
  • 7:45 PM open house
  • 8:00 PM Show Begins
  • 9:15 PM Talk Back Begins
  • 10:00 PM dinner and drinks with presenting partners

I have to admit this was a relatively drama free single tour for us, no huge catastrophes- but Kristiana did give us quite a fright when we get a text from her 45 minutes from take off that she is not yet at the airport because she had forgotten her ID and needed to go back to her place.

photo (3)

Ok, but back to why my new bout of nerves was taking hold.

We gave birth to Luna Unlaced in May/June with a cast of three, Maya Malan-Gonzalez, Amanda de la Guardia, & Abigail Vega. We toured Unlaced and Your Problem with Men for about 3 months. These girls could do this show in their sleep. It was amazing to watch them put on countless performances in a huge variety of venues from upstairs blackboxes to outdoor tented performance spaces to huge professional theatres. But we knew that when we came home from the tour in September we would have to work on implementing several more performers into the piece so we could be ready to tour whenever, wherever at a moments notice regardless of actor availability.

We are still in the process of integrating new artists, but so far we have only added two new members to the cast, Kristiana Rae Colón (Ensemble Member) and Marcella Portugal (Apprentice). They had only performed the show together once at North Park University two weeks prior (and as is the case with our show,  it was an entirely different set of scenes than the show at Emerson would be).  So here we are in our final rehearsals before our trip and we get confirmation that the show will be livestreamed by HowlroundTV. I was already nervous about a brand new cast performing this show in an out of tour setting, but now it is going to be recorded, broadcast, and archived for forever???!!!! WHATTTT????

I have to admit, it was a bit rough around the edges, but in the moment it didn’t matter. We had the most generous and diverse of audiences who really understood what we were trying to do with this show, and that is always the best thing any artist can ever hear. So like I said, being nervous- a waste of time!


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