By Jen Laínez
Assistant to the Director
Generation Sex World Premiere @ LATC




Rehearsals with Luna are like fountains.

Fountains with waterfalls of emotion.

Generation Sex is a show about women for

women by women. That’s a lot of women. It’s a lot

of women in the space, more than I’m used to at least.

It’s a lot of personalities. It’s a lot of loud talking. It’s a lot of tears.

It’s a lot of smiles. It’s home. Quickly, these women have become my #WCE.

They’re my friends.

We are all from various backgrounds and have different perspectives,


This space is challenging me. It makes me face my emotions.

It’s making me break through my walls, and these women have become a beautiful support


They are fountains that flood me with curiosity.

How do they create something out of nothing?

How does so much light come from just a spark?

Am I the only who’s lost?

Where did you learn that?

Who taught you?

How can I do that?

When will I get to your level?

How does this become my permanent life?

(A pixelated sneak peek of how my head runs during rehearsals)

Fountains that quench my thirst for art.

I am surrounded by women. I am surrounded by art.

Rehearsal constantly reminds me to intersect the two.

My identity and my story influence my decisions and my behavior.

I carry them with me always. I’m just wasn’t aware that those are

part of my performance. At the start, feelings of inferiority rushed my

body because I don’t know how to bring the art out of me. Fortunately,

I learned that it’s okay to not know. The matriarchs of the space let me

know that this is my time to take a spectator role.

I will learn from observing. For now at least.

Am I an actress?

Am I playwright?

Am I an artist?

No, I am a sponge. This is my time to absorb.


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