Each week, the Creative Producers of Teatro Luna (that’s Alex, Elizabeth, Arielle and Abigail) will be checking in to reflect on the challenges, successes and hilarious ups and downs of being Lady Producers in Los Angeles, Chicago and beyond. You’ll get the real truth here – we won’t shield you from anything! – so hold on to your topknots and learn what life is like for the ladies Luna as we embark on our biggest adventure yet!

By Alexandra Meda

I have been doing this producing thing (with varying degrees of success) for a little over a decade now. At this exact moment, this delegation of Lunaticas find ourselves in Los Angeles for four months producing our first full-scale out of town production. We are a touring theatre company and are more often out of town than in, but generally we do just a few nights in a city before moving on to the next. This world-premiere production of GENERATION SEX, will run for 5 weeks at the Los Angeles Theatre Center in the Historic District of Downtown LA. (Sounds fancy huh?)

As part of this venture of heading out into Southern California to test our theory of National Ensemble practice, we are starting a blog series that will try to capture some of our challenges, successes, and of course, advice and tips as we continue to navigate the world of producing in an industry where men still dominate the leadership.

So, I thought I’d kick off this new series with a collection of phrases we commonly hear OVER AND OVER AND OVER again for our first-ever basic listicle knock-off. If you think this is might be about you, you’re probably right, but take consolation in the countless other people who have said these things too.

    • “Listen, I liked what you all did here with this female character, but I would really like to see the story from the male perspective. Have you thought about a sequel with his story?”


    Right. But our mission is to tell female-centered stories. Is that OK with you? Oh. What you are saying is that  you’re really interested in his story? Great! Good news! That play, in some innumerable forms, is available almost anywhere you can watch a play– most any time of year, I PROMISE!

  • “Ladies, I know. You are really passionate about this, but…”


We all know what “passionate” means in that sentence.

  • “I am writing to give you some unsolicited advice: I found the tone of your email alienating.”


Damn’t, I knew I should have used more colorful emoji and exclamation marks to soften the tone!!!!!!!!! 😉 😉

  • “Well, I didn’t know your show was going to be good. If I did, of course I would have marketed the show to my audiences.”


Oh. I didn’t realize you programmed not good shows at your Theatre usually. This was actually said to us by someone who co-produced our show at their theatre (south of the Mason-Dixon line, if you must know). For serious, we can’t make this shit up.

  • “Has anyone ever told you your emails are a little cold?”


This is business. If you want a cupcake, go to a bake sale.

  • “So I have to ask, are you artistic partners? Or are you partner partners?”


Once, when we actually asked what makes you inquire, we were answered with: “Well, you are really intimate with each others food.”

  • “All that traveling would be really hard if you had a boyfriend. It’s really good you are doing it now. At this time in your life.”


Maybe I have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or some kind of significant other, and maybe I don’t. Not related.  For the record  I always have a fabulous text life going on at the very least… OKAY?!

  • “Please, tell me the difference between the KKK, the Black Panthers and an all-Latina theatre company.”


…Did you just insinuate that… Wait. You couldn’t have meant… Really? Are you actually asking… What? No. I can’t. I simply cannot reply to this FB comment.

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