Teatro Luna, America’s Pan-Latina Theatre Company, Announces Their Nationwide Expansion with the launch of a Los Angeles-based Ensemble


CHICAGO, IL. (June 3, 2014) – Teatro Luna is expanding their mission of serving Latina and Women of Color-identified artists with the launch of Teatro Luna (TL) West – a new ensemble based in Los Angeles! Founded in 2000 in Chicago, Teatro Luna is America’s only Pan-Latina theatre company producing a full season of new and original work and is currently in residence at the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, Inc.

After touring through ten states and three countries over the past year, TL West will launch in late summer 2014 to commemorate their fourteenth season. “Chicago audiences have seen our shows for the past thirteen years,” says Abigail Vega, Director of the Artistic Collective. “But when we were in Los Angeles last year and shared our plan to come back, we were met with excitement and support from the artists there about an all-female identified, all women of color ensemble forming in LA.” The new ensemble will echo the origins of Teatro Luna Chicago and will include a vibrant mix of actors, directors, writers, producers and interdisciplinary artists. The Teatro Luna West ensemble will work independently to create new and original work based in Southern California, but will also join forces with Teatro Luna Chicago next spring for a cross-ensemble production that will open in Los Angeles and Chicago. “While we’re proud to be the nation’s only All-Latina theatre company producing a full season of original work,” says Ensemble member Kristiana Colón, “it’s a big responsibility to serve not only the artistic needs of women of color in Chicago and the Midwest, but nationwide. We’re thrilled at the opportunities ahead to continue our commitment to engaging with artists and audiences in both cities.”

While the Ladies of Luna West will be hard at work starting the inaugural ensemble, the Chicago Lunáticas will continue to operate out of their downtown home, Instituto Cervantes of Chicago, Inc. An anchor of this exciting residency is producing new work in partnership with Instituto Cervantes. Flying out the gate first is GENERATION SEX, their tenth fully devised play in the company’s fourteen year history.

In GENERATION SEX, Luna bares all without blushing as we explore how technology has transformed how women see themselves, relate to each other, and interact with sex and love. With the new rules of feminism promoting tragically outdated notions of femininity in 140 characters or less, the Lunáticas dissect heady topics like gender norms, crushing heteronormativity, and facebook feminism while making you laugh as they prance around in their unmentionables. From one woman’s quest to lose her virginity before 40 to a nouveau-Greek chorus extolling the benefits of the Diva Cup, the Ladies of Luna explode how hollow soundbytes and played out listicles shape today’s quest for love and satisfaction.

GENERATION SEX is presented in English with a sprinkle of Spanish. Recommended for ages 16+

What: Generation Sex

When: Thurs, June 5 @ 7:30pm, Fri, June 6 @ 7:30pm, Sun, 8 @ 6:00pm, Wed, June 11 @ 7:30pm, Fri, June 13 @ 7:30pm, Sat, June 14 @ 7:30p

Where: Instituto Cervantes, 31 W. Ohio, Chicago, IL

How Much: $15 for general admission, $10 per ticket for groups of 6 or more

For Tickets: Go to or call 773.819.5862. Tickets can also be purchased at the door.

Directed by Alexandra Meda, Developed by Abigail Vega

Featuring Kristiana Rae Colón, Ayssette Muñoz, Johannil Napoleon, Elizabeth Nungaray, Deanalís Resto and Abigail Vega

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