By Arielle Julia Brown

I think coldbrew is what we dream of in development processes. In part because we need the highest levels of caffeine at times just to stay functioning in the room. But conceptually, coldbrew is the most effective metaphor I can offer for the length, slowness, and long hours of finding what never meant to be found or seen in the rehearsal room. That’s the strong stuff we are toiling to devise in service of Generation Sex. That’s the gold that we as developers of this project at large are interested in finding. But when we’re five weeks out from opening a show and our producer brains trail off into the million + things that must be completed, I find it hard not to just want to mix instant coffee in several Styrofoam cups and plow through.

And ultimately, this is an issue of faith. Right now, I don’t have enough faith in our deliberate stumbles in the dark to believe that we will find what we aren’t looking for. It occurred to me that I am not the only person dealing with this faith problem while in the devising processes. So in the effort of speaking words in the hope that they manifest into truth, below are a list of helpful tips and tricks to stay creatively faithful to your collaborators from the Creative Producers of Teatro Luna.

TIP FROM ARIELLE: Breathing and journaling are generative. I have no technical preference for one breathing exercise over another. But I would say staying connected to ones breath while on breaks from devising and/or in the process of devising is a good way to stay ideating and patient. Staying present in the room, allows us every opportunity to see the ideas in front of us.  I would also say that journaling ideas throughout the process, will only bring more to the forefront.

TIP FROM ALEX: Look at your co-developers as goldmines for ideas, and not just as actors.

As Alex is directing Generation Sex, the ownness of the vision for the show rests largely on her shoulders. However, she takes some refuge in the development room knowing that her cast and development team’s capacity to be creative and generative far extend beyond the roles they fill in the room.  She knows that there are always far far more ideas on the table than she herself can conceive.

TIP ELIZABETH: Every collaborator has a story.

Elizabeth knows that at Teatro Luna where the vast majority of our work is biographic and ethnographic, centering the stories of the collaborators in the room can keep all of our focus on the generative nature of our work.

TIP FROM ABIGAIL : Remember that when one thing comes together, everything comes together.

Ah HA moments are the reason why we are all still devising in the first place. When it clicks for us all, the work often moves lightyears forward overnight. In this way, we do not have to have faith in the capacity of every moment but rather in the brilliance of a few, key collaborative moments.

UNANIMOUS TIP: Stay fed. Because making things while you are hangry (hungry + angry) is never  ever, ever a good idea.


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