It has been quite some time since the last time you heard from us. We have been in a pretty intense incubating period, re-thinking, re-evaluating, and re-seeing our place and our mission in our country. One of the questions that we keep asking ourselves is “are we, is Teatro Luna, needed today?”

 Following the massive number of examples in the public arena where women are told to sit down, shut up, go away I think we have come to one definitive answer: Yes, and now more than ever before. Our mission has shifted to embrace inclusivity and provide a creative space for all women of color to come together in solidarity and join creative forces to resist this push to silence our work, our art and our lives. So as we have engaged in this national experiment in the last 2-3 years, we are ready to launch in Portland our next step in the process.  


100 Days of Luna Love- Summer 2017 was an idea to both celebrate summer with a challenge to create and nurture the habit of creativity.  Some scientists (no, I am not going to cite studies but we all have seen quite a few of them in popular magazines) agree that it takes 2-3 months to form a habit. We figured, hey, three months is good and let’s add another 10 days to that to make sure we got it and to know we got the best one hundred days with the best that nurturing our creativity will bring out in us. And yes, we were maybe thinking that the first 100 days of disastrous news coming from a presidency intent in denying education, health and resources to those who most need it (the Arts being targeted strongly). And yes, we think that our own 100 days had to be a way of counteracting the attack on the Artist in this country.

So we are going to Portland. Gina, Elizabeth, Maya, Alex and Liza Ann (and possibly a few others!) will go in this creative adventure and explore together what it means to live creatively as TL.  Follow us!


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