WE EXIST- an open source listing of female and female identified playwrights was created as a response to the #theSummit / #pipeline debacle and has been spearheaded by Elaine Romero  in tandem with many other great artists, and we want you to take part!


I invited women playwrights and their fans to post their names on my Facebook wall to count our heads for a Twitter poem. Liz Duffy Adams inscribed hers first. The names kept coming. Christine Evans and Rachel Jendrzejewski dove in with passion and hard work to create an evolving, open-source list in which anyone can add herself. What has emerged is a Declaration of our Interdependence. We practice inclusivity. We celebrate abundance. We celebrate ourselves. We are Female and/or Trans* Playwrights and We Exist.

And we would like to encourage you to add yourself and those you know to the list here or use this link: http://bit.ly/1lfIiSA

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